Our heroes have heard that the village of Townsburg has recently been plagued by goblin attacks. The paladin can think of nothing nobler than protecting these innocents, while everyone else in the party is just interested in the loot. No matter their reasons, we need to build them a town to visit.
Step 1

Step 1. Let's begin with the road to town. When in map-making mode, a cobblestone tile can be chosen from the bottom bar. You'll notice that there is only one cobblestone road tile; you don't need to differentiate between corners and such. Select it to activate it and then tap where you'd like it: in this case, square F-27.

For this demo, we've limited the number of tilesets you can see, but the bottom bar is scrollable and can contain hundreds of tiles or be filtered down to only show sets with certain data, such as 'castle' or 'swamp'. Most tiles will have multiple keywords associated with them, but you won't have to guess at these. There will be a list of them in a tileset management page and you just turn on the ones you want to see. All tilesets will be drawn in such a style that you can mix and match at will.

Step 2
Step 2. When you place another cobblestone tile next to the first, it automatically rotates, and links with the new tile. The bottom bar automatically slides down to maximize space after after we start placing multiple of the same tile.
Step 3
Step 3. Let's go ahead and finish our road. Tap, tap tap. Easy. If we wanted a 2-square wide road, we could easily tap the squares next to the current path to widen it. If we placed any tile in the wrong spot, it could be deleted with the 'x' button located at the top of the contextual menu when clicking on the tile.
Step 4. Now let's start a castle wall. We can slide the bottom bar back up and select the new tileset. Tapping the map sets a single castle wall tile. That's definitely not enough to protect Townsburg.
Step 5
Step 5. Just like the road, tapping beside the square creates a longer wall. Still not much to look at. We want Townsburg to be a little more fortified.
Step 6
Step 6. A few taps later, and now we've got a wall.
Step 7
Step 7. And how about a gate? Select the tile from the bottom bar and tap it. The app should link it up to the walls, but if you want to rotate it, you could do so at this point with the pop up menu around the archway. The bottom icon on that menu moves the tile down in the stack. This would be helpful if we laid it before the cobblestone road, and needed to move the road under the arch.
Step 8
Step 8. A couple guard towers tapped in and now we've got a pretty nice front gate for our little hamlet. But something's missing...
Step 9
Step 9. Where are the town guards? Let's add some. Selecting the NPC icon from the right bar pulls up a list of NPCs that we've made, including Townsburg Archers, Militia and Captain. Select them in turn and tap them into existence.
Step 10
Step 10. It probably took you longer to read this wordy tutorial than to it would to actually make this map. Building the rest of the town would be just as easy. Select and tap to put up buildings and stalls, create alleyways for the heroes to use for any strategy they see fit in defense of Townsburg from the immenent goblin mauraders.